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My projects, code and helpful seeds

Firebase and AngularFire2 starter seed for Ionic

This Ionic3 App has config in it for Firebase and AngularFire2. Clone it to start other cloud based apps for a much easier life

PLoT Mobile - An Ionic companion app for PooHaw web services - Pool League manager

PLoT makes it easy to add and manage league games, team communication.

Player captains manage their teams availability and scores and can manager roster, alternate sub and general communication. PLoT makes sure everyone is alerted to the information they need for the game in time.

PLoT Auth Services - Angular4+ authorization NPM package - (Stored in MyGet)

PooHaw - ServiceStack C# web service to manage Pool league seasons

EMS Time tracker

This is a helpful Ionic 3/ Angular 5 mobile app for my Paramedic time. Dispatch times are saved by a button click and logged. This log can be emailed when call is finished

Angular 4+ ToDo using Json Placeholder

Gems Cloud Shell - An app shell created for Gems applications

Gems Deploy - ServiceStack web services for Gems Cloud

Gems Cloud Customer Manager - Angualr app NPM package - (Stored in MyGet)